Showcase Extension (Paid) update [30/06/2016]

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Wow! Great extension! Keep the good work!

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update documentacion

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man this is just awesome

Waoo​:grinning::grinning::grinning:. Useful extension to to serve as an app tour guide for new users. @Andres_Cotes ! surely, you have no Limit. Keep it up and good work done bro. Everything is almost possible now with Thunkable and with the extensions from you guys, we can say we are somehow around 65 -70% the capabilities of Android studio


Good work on this. Very professional looking. Something I’d use in future projects.

this is awesome extension.but I cant afford to buy this extension :cry::cry::cry::cry:

payment with immediate delivery

excellent ,this will have our apps a professional look

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He comprado la extensión, pero me gustaría que hubiera un método para saber cuando acaba la secuencia (SequenceSTart). Por que creo que Hide no es para eso, verdad?

necesitas un evento cuando termine la secuencia

Me refiero a si lo añadirás a la extensión algún día, ya que lo necesito.

pero eso es lo que necesitas?

un evento que indique cuanto termina
revisar el código y añadirlo

me confirma


Andres Cotes

Hi Andres,

any plans for an update so far? I would love to have more compatible components (also your FAB extension and the Actionbar extension would be great if they where compatible). Would it be possible to change the behaviour from having to click on the dismissTest to click anywhere / on the focused item to continue? That would be more Android style :wink:

Hope to see an update soon because except for the missing features I like the extension a lot but it makes it hard to use in my apps because I often use Actionbar, FAB,… and cannot show the instructions with it.

cheers, Chris

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I have included in my projects a non visible label with no text on the top of the screen, just for those components that can not be included. In this case the showcase does not focus somewhere and it covers the entire screen. Like this…

Maybe you can use something like this to refer to FABs and action bar in your sequence…

I understand that what you need is the fab view

I found/created a kind of workaround at least for the action bar - see tutorial below:

  1. Make sure to use the latest ActionBar extension (where you use a horiz.-arrangement)

  2. Add another horizontal arrangement above the one used to call Actionbar with following and set the alignment to right or left depending on which icon you wanna highlight.

  3. Add a button with 55px height and 45px width, other settings are not relevant.

  4. Now change the settings of the horiz-arrangement containing your button to following:

    – visible but height is set to 0px

Then simply use the (not visible) button to call the highlight process.
The result will look like this:

I first tried to add button elements to the horiz-arrangement used for actionbar but that would always result in focusing in the upper left corner then I experimented a little and luckily found that way :slight_smile:


@Andres_Cotes if you make an update please make the text html compatible (like labels can contain simple html) because I just realized you cannot ad <br> to go to next line :see_no_evil:

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dame un par de dias

haha yes of course, I just realised that it does not support html yet. Also Andres I am having trouble setting the color - maybe I am doing something wrong? I set the color of ShowIntro once but now when I change the color block the color always stays the one that I set the very first time… :confused: