Sharing sound through whatsapp


Hi to all,

I have a problem with sharing component.
Where are located the sound files?
I want to share to whatsapp some audio files visible in my app.
What path it is necessary?for examplefile:///sdcard/parteiltiro.mp3





don’t work, after I compile apk…I have tested all the path :frowning:


Try @Taifun’s Tools Extension, it contains a ‘PathToAssets’ block which you should use to find the correct path.


the PathToAssets block is only relevant for the webviewer component, see also the documentation

Returns the path to the assets. This method is useful, if you want to access files from the webviewer component stored in the assets of the app. The method will return file:///android_asset/ in case tha app is running after building the app as apk file and will return file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/ in case the app is running inside the companion app (development mode).

the sharing component is not able to share a file from the assets!

see my answer in your other thread



Someone has a solution for my problem? I would add this functionality.
thanks bye


if you follow the suggested links you will find the solution to share a file via Whatsapp
it does not look as you tried anything…