Share from Other apps to my app Extension?


I was wondering if this extension is possible. I’d pay for it.

What I am trying to do is sending data from other apps to my app (picture or text). For example, when a user selects a picture in the gallery and clicks on “share”, some apps appear so the user can choose from. Can my app be in this list of apps? So when the user selects my app, do something with the picture or text.

This link might help:

You can not write to the androidmanifest, not now but then I think it may be possible on a personal server

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So there is no other way other than writing in the manifest file?

You can decompile adding the lines manually and then recompiling but I have no experience doing that work

@Andres_Cotes Okay let’s suppose I do this procedure (decompile then add the lines in the manifest manually), how do I tell my app what to do with the shared picture or text? There is no “Open screen with value” block!

Tell me is it from another app or your app or is it from your app to another app ??

@Andres_Cotes It is from another app to my app.

Like sharing a picture from the gallery to my app

For that there is already an extension


@habboubih wants his app to be visible when sharing is initiated from any apps.

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no se puede

Thank you @Andres_Cotes

Trying contact an Admin or Developer of Thunkable which will most likely know the answer…

@LegitEzra Already done that :slight_smile:

We are talking about AndroidManifest & extensions. You again are talking nonrelevant things…

Questo pomeriggio provo a farlo, vi farò sapere se funziona

Prova con “get start value”

You can easily write in manifest.xml with apptomarket from appybuilder. Then you can recompile inside the same program the app, being aware to use same original keystore. If you can solve your problem in this way…I really don’t know.

Did it work for you?

Yes I know that I can modify the manifest manually but how do I tell my app what to do with the shared photo or text?

you could test this for strings (I don’t think this will work for images) and probably you can receive that string using the get plain start text block from the Controls Drawer

Returns the plain text that was passed to this screen when it was started by another app. If no value was passed, it returns the empty text.

let us know, what you find out…