Sending directly to a specific whatsapp chat/contact

Is there a way to go straight to a specific contact chat on whatsapp instead of just opening whatsapp and scrolling to look for the contact your trying to send to?? this is the code i used to take me into whatsapp as i hit a send button in my app…but would like to go straight into a specific chat

It’s no possible with thunkable or’s possible with android studio or phonegap

You can do it with the following blocks:

Note that for the Data Uri you have to include the country code with out the + (i.e. Ireland = +353) followed by the rest of the mobile number.

A lot of people seem to have asked this question before, but they were trying to pass a piece of text to a specific contact in WhatsApp. As far as I can see, you can pass text to the contact picker or you can open a specific contact but I haven’t been able to do both. This means that the Extra Key and Extra Value blocks in the image above do not work.

If you’re interested in giving it a go yourself these links should get you started:


Ok thank you very much i will try it out and keep you posted!

Is it possible sending an image as well as text in the same message to a whatsapp contact using my above method? because when i share the message with text and an image it doesnt send the image but instead all the properties of the image…i figured that is because of the “extra key: android.intent.extra.TEXT” block…have you got a solution?

Hi. There is an extension from @Andres_Cotes that does exactaly what You want to.

How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp
see also the sharing extension and its Whatsapp method


How about something like this??

however, this worked for me:

EDIT: sorry for messing up the URL codes:
%20 : space
%0A : new line


this was the solution thank you very very much

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Yes, it’s possible to send a message directly to a contact, even if it’s not on user’s mobile.

can i send a file using the above method or will i have to change “text” to file.

Hi Alan,
thx for your interest. I cannot tell you, if that is possible, because I never tried. Unfortunely I have not used these components in the last months, so feel free to try it yourself, become an expert on this issue and let us all know, what you accomplished… and it would be even interesting to hear, what does not work :wink:


where is the message we type

Sorry, I do not understand you

i meant to say that if we copy this script exactly, what would be the message that would be send to the person ? Pls tell

i tested it it came out good thank you for this script

i did this and it came out like this. Can you make it like we dont have to press the send button?

I am really sorry, I do not understand your questions!!

Can you please use more words or use examples or use screenshots to express what you mean.

Cheers, User81

This worked like a charm