Send/Upload Data to Google Sheets [ Using Script ]



Hello Everyone,

Many of you are wondring to know how to upload user data to the spreadsheet. There are many possible ways to do that. i.e
◎ Using an Airtable | Cloudstitch etc.
◎ Using Google forms

Few months ago i have written two posts on this same topic. [ View Post 1 | View Post 2 ] But today i’m going to tell you an another way for uploading the users data to the Google Spreadsheet. i.e by using an app script. Kindly follow the below steps to create your 1st app script.

◎ Step 1 : Create a Spreadsheet
Visit this link : to create your google spreadsheet and edit the sheet as shown in the screen shot.

◎ Step 2 : Create App Script
Visit this link : and click on New Script to create your App Script and edit it as shown in the screen shot.

Now you need to create the functions to post data to the spreadsheet! Click Here to Download Code.txt (483 Bytes) After writing the script, Click on PUBLISH and select DEPLOY AS WEB APP.

A popup window will appear where you have to make changes according to the Screenshot. Then click on DEPLOY to get the apps script.

After Successful deployment you’ll get a URL like this one

◎ Step 3 : Write your Block
Here is how you’ll write the blocks in the block section of your thunkable project.

Let me know if you all need a tutorial video on this topic!! :blush:
◎ Ct_tricks

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Great tutorial!
Is it possible to query using this method?


Sorry i didn’t get the point ?? Can you explain me ?


What I meant is, you showed blocks to add a row to the spreadsheet.
My question is - can you, in a similar way, update/delete/search the spreadsheet?


Ya sure man !! :smiley:


Hi lads, I have report spreadsheet. Basically it’s a list of check boxes that have to be tick daily. Just wondering if I’ll make a list of check boxes can I assigned them to the cells on my spreadsheet?
So user will only read labels and click check boxes and at the end click submit button so my report spreadsheet will be filled?



Yup! You can do this easily. Besically at the end, we need some data for uploading to spreadsheet and you are using a Check box insted of input fields for getting thr users data. :grinning:


Hello @Itai_B First of all thanks for asking me this question !!

I have made some changes in the script and now you can Store | Update | Delete & Get Data from the Google Spreadsheet easily using Script URL. Here is an overview video of my work. Very Soon i’ll make a tutorial video of this !! Till then watch this video and also :link: Download the APK, to better understand the working of this script and App

Ct tricks


can you show us the updated scripts please.


Hi @KryptoPhil I’m working on the tutorial video. Because there are some points where you need the explanation & you can’t skip those Coz then the script is not going to work !! So once i complete the video, I’ll upload it on my channel & share the script withyou all !! :grinning:


@cttricks Please upload the video I am waiting for your video from 8 days.


Hi @Hamza_Mughal Tutorial is now uploaded on our channel. Visit this link to watch the video :




Have you deployed your script?