Send SMS without Wi-Fi?


Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to send a sms, without using Wi-fi and free of charge.
And if the sms is for pay, then in the app you have to choose how many money you want to charge, and when the user has no wifi, bluetooth or money still can send a sms with my app because he/she charged money on it.

I know is complicate but I searched on the web and find a few solutions, but neither of them solved the problem.

Is this possible?

Thank you so much in advance!


SMS is a service (see Wikipedia) and Wi-Fi is a type of connection (see Wikipedia) specified in the IEEE802.11 standards. Sorry if I don’t understand you, but I see no connection between these


I explained myself bad… I mean without using any extension or program outside the app that needs to be with connection, because I want people to charge some money and If they found theirselves without wifi (to send a message), and dont have money to make calls, the app is able to send a sms



But this is with internet connection, right?


Sorry, but this is only for india… I live in Spain


I mean, with the Texting component you can send a SMS, but this will not send if the user has no money on his phone.
My question is, is there a way to upload money to the app, so the user can send the message within the money in the app?


Hope somebody can clear this …


If you have a sim card company then it’s possible


You can not get any Text API solution for free ( apart from the trail version ) Also Fast2sms is not for free.
I can suggest you similar to Twilio which is SMS Gateway Provider : TheTexting