Send Mail SMTP Extension [abandoned]

Finnaly succeded, two days fight with the code , im not share yet because I feel bad about Mr. Taifun because he show the clue of this project

Tips about SMTP Mail Issues

  1. turn on less secure of your account
  2. make sure any device log on on your account set trusted
  3. find another tips




@Kus_Zab Thank you for this extension ! .Now, we can send mail from our app.By the way can you please explain the necessity of call gmail.set account block.
I am thinking that set account is the account used to send e-mail.And we are signing in to our account.Isn’t it
Thank you :blush:

off course set account Its set sender account , in block I tested on my own mail, so little confusing wkwkwk

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thank you for your contribution
before publishing your extension, make sure to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names

btw. there already is a Gmail extension by Andres, see here

Also let me recommend you to focus on extensions or new methods, which provide something new, i.e. which is currently not possible using existing blocks or extensions…

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


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Why there is SMTP port property? If this is a Gmail extension

I thougt the project work only on Gmail I tested again work on yahoo, now I’m about changing the class, I’m Really Sorry for this mismatch

Changing class

Try Apk
test.apk (3.0 MB)

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Oh ok.

How To Download This Extension

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is this free extension? if so please give the link to download?

Really sorry Im not dev that proj any more, im succes to make it sebd background but alway fail when send attachment

I don’t need to add attachment please give me the .aix I really need it and its my humble request

Like i said i leave that proj you can buy @Taifun extension

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One more request. As I cannot complete my project without your .aix. Please 95% of my app will complete with your extension

I have a question on the Mail extension I bought from Taifun

How can I proceed to check or fecth the 10 most recent emails (to toggle something when a mail with specific subject occurs? When I use your procedures, it takes very long as it starts checking from the oldest email. So when there are many mails in the inbox, it needs minutes and minutes .

Please advise

the pop functionality of the mail extension is only experimental
the pop3 protocol does not offer very much possibilities…
someone will have to create an imap extension…


Hi Kus_Zab


What you created is an extension to send emails in APP INVENTOR without gmail?

Where can I download the EXTENSION?

thanks you

Hi, Eenjeen

Help me please, i am new in APP INVENTOR, i am learning the basic.

Where i can download the extension that @Kus_Zab create, i made one small APP INVENTER and need that extension

Thank you

Hi Amit_Bhatiya

I also need that extension, do you already know how to downloader it?

Please help me

Hi Dream_Less

I also need that extension, could you get it or some other? I have a little app and I need to send emails without attachments.

Can you help me please

Thank you