[?] Sea Level Pressure Level Sensor of my new extension

Today i release the my new extension called Sea Level Pressure Level Sensor .
this is my 3rd extension
1st are here Super Activity & 2nd are here Sound Sensor

and other Pressure Sensor are also available on http://appybuilder.com/ & https://community.makeroid.io/ .
agen say What should it price ?
Tell this to you guys!!!


well, a simple extension like this you could provide for free for the community…

you might want to explain, what exactly is the difference between your extension and the barometer sensor extension?

also: how can you calibrate the sensor?


well, a short documentation of your blocks might be helpful…

what are the advantages/disadvantages compared to the barometer extension? there seems to be no possibility to calibrate the sensor in your extension?


yes till not
but shortly update this

Did you ever release the .aix file for this @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu??

Everyone here dropped my excitement.
So no desire