Screen Switching


Their are three screens in my app . And thier is one button in screen1 and screen2 . When we click that button we will come to Screen3 . I want to know that how will i do this =When we will press back button, we will get back to that screen from which we come here . e.g we come from screen 1 then we will return to screen 1 if we come from screen 2 to screen 3 we will return to screen 2

plzz Help me !!!

Test.aia (2.1 KB)

I have a problem in using Web Veiwer

Hi! you can use something like this pictures


Don’t forget to close the old screen before opening a new one:

close screen


Then what happen If we come to screen 2 to screen 3 . Because when we press back it will take us to screen 1


That’s just a screenshot, you’ll need to modify the string depending on names of the screens you want to open.


What you need to do is pass a variable value from the screen you left. Each screen will pass a different value for the variable as it closes down.
When you press the “Back” button", you fire an if statement and based on it you go to the relevant screen.


store the screen name in TinyDB before switching to another screen
then in the BackPressed event read the screen name from TinyDB to open that screen