Screen Limit exists?


Is that the MIT version of Thunkable?


That’s I believe.


To add to @Domhnall’s response.
Thunkable/App Inventor use Google App Engine. GAE has a request limit of 10MB which cannot be exceeded.


How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB


So, if I am following what has been said, as Thunkable (the App Inventor and AppyBulider) are programmes that operate via your browser and do not work off-line, due to the server’s storage limitations, 10MB is the Max.

OK, so with that question answered, here is another (lol). Are there any Thunkable type progs out there allowing the user to create Apps off-line?


It won’t have the same look as a Thunkable app, and you won’t have access to the exact same blocks as Thunkable, but if you read what @Taifun has linked above it will answer your question.


you might want to take a look at the overview to understand, how MIT App Inventor, Thunkable and Appybuilder are connected
protip: you also will find an offline solution there…


Well thanks for all the answers, but nowt going! Nothing for Macs within those links (well at least what I can see)


Now, while we are on the subject…

The App Inventor was created by MIT right?

Then came Thunkable. (Which is based off the App Inventor, free and by what I have seen so far, with a nice friendly, helpful community)

And then came along AppyBuilder, correct? (Also copied from the MIT’s work)


yes, that’s more or less correct
but I think, Appybuilder started earlier than Thunkable…
and all App Inventor communities are nice and friendly…

you might be the one who offers a personal server for Macs…
the sources you can find here



LOL, Taifun, ME?

I’m having a hard enough time just trying to get my head around building an App!

Creating a Mac server for this (or anything else) is light years beyond my brain power!


what will happen if i create over 50 screens


nothing will happen, but it will be really really slow and may crash.


any solution you have?
i want to create app with 50-100 screens


it looks like you are still not familiar with the basic concepts?
see tip 1 here

see also what @Italo said here



Mam i can use 15 Screen? Pls answer me !


Yes, but your app would probably be slower


How about every time i close one screen and open another as shown in below… can’t i use this method to build a app with 50 screens. still will be slower or crash…???


It would be very interesting if you try it and post the results here.
But ask yourself, Why in the world I would need 50 screens for?
I have never seen an app that REALLY needs more than 5 or 6 screens.
It’s better to learn and get used to reuse screens/components.


Also, you can save some blocks and do this instead: