Scene3D Engine based on OpenGL

Hello everyone, I have developed a 3D game engine for appinventor&thunkable based on OpenGL ES. This release of aix only includes the ability to preview 3D models normally.





This is a running effect picture


The full version is under development and plans to be paid for. This image shows all the Scene3D plugins that have been developed so far.

This extension can be loaded by the Scene3D plugin developed by other users and loaded by the InitPlugin method

If you are interested in buying, please contact me.


Wow! Thanks for this! :smiley:

This is huge :open_mouth:
I didn’t even know this was possible :sweat_smile:

I would definitely pay for this extension!!


Can’t wait for the extension! :star_struck:
Does it support other 3D file format other than MD2?

Now, it only supports MD2 animation, 3DS,OBJ, ASC models. Support mtl material, arbitrary mapping format, if you want to support other formats of the model, there are many ready-made java code on the Internet to provide 3d file conversion function


Nothing Show …
in my Mobile …

Please fixed it …

same here…

This is caused by compatibility issues between the old appinventor source code and the new version. I have removed the incompatible code and merged all the preview version of the Scene3D plugin into an extension. Please test again.

Wow! It looks incredible! :smiley:

Where can I get the extension? I would love to test it and sign me up for notification of availablility when you sell it. Thanks.

May have to wait until October, because I was very busy before this, to take a lot of exams.

OK. Looking forward to it. But is it possible to get a link to what you’ve already put out there? I’d love to take a look at it. I don’t see it linked here anywhere.


Now,it has been finished.


Great work appreciate it very much, but it will be cool if you can control those 3D sprite using buttons in App inventor just an idea anyway your extensions are great