Saved data using Tiny DB and showed up in collin tree list view

Hi Thunkers, I have a small problem. I am trying to save the radio station to the favourite list using tinyDB. But if i save two or more last one is not saved. when the app is opened the last data saved is not shown and last but one are shown. pls help me

Not showing img properly

Screenshots are not clean !! … is that right?

Hi @Moayad_Zaidan - are you talking about the grid in the background?

if you right-click on the blocks editor there is an option to show/hide the grid.

No @Domhnall,

First, I’m not the Topic poster. Other thing I’m talking about his screenshots that he post them. Not exactly clean. Can you read the code overthere?

guys the above topic is closed as i found out the solution long back.