Save label and arrangement as image


I searched on the forum and i found some status designer apps made here.

Some users said that they not used Canvas, just textbox and background images at arrangements.

Well, i finally could, with the help of extensions (like ColorPicker), do the editing part (bold, italic, fonts, color of text, of background, etc).

My doubt is: how i could save all the edited text and color as a image without using Canvas. My goal is that the user can save this finished text to his gallery or share the image.


Hello @Landowski

I think you can use the ComponentToImage Extension :point_down: by @Jerin_Jacob


Thank you so much, Vaibhav!

Never knew of this extension.

I will try it as soons as possible.



I can’t thank you enough, it worked like a charm!

With @Taifun gallery refresh, and @Mika tutorial, my app is ready!

Thank you guys.


Happy to know it helped you in your project :slight_smile: . Best wishes for your app :+1:


Thank you @Jerin_Jacob :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: