Same tool, many different names, what to choose?


For a cuple of days ago I started playing arround making Android apps with MIT APP inventor 2. Great
tool and I was exited :slight_smile:
Then I found the almost same tool, but with another name. Appy Builder its was. This time in t3 versions. A
payed, a silver and a gold edition. This version have some extra features like You can use adds in Your apps.
Today I found the Thunkable version of the tool. How many different sides of same story is out there?

Im a bit confused and dont know what version of the tool to choose to create my apps. Can someone tell
me, or point me in right direction to make a wise choice of tool?

Kind regards

If you choose Thunkable, you get Material Design and smooth experience and top of that, a helping community. (not that others are not helpful)


Yes, but be aware that Thunkable may not be free forever.

App Inventor - just a simple, stock (everything came from App Inv.)
AppyBuilder - more functionality than App Inv., but you have to pay for it.
Thunkable - a great helpful community, material design, custom fonts and best of all: lots of people who make extensions. (Meaning you can have everything what’s in AppyBuilder, right here in Thunkable). AdMob component right now is being tested. InApp Purchases extension made by @pavi2410. Google Maps component is yet here! I prefer Thunkable. It is a very powerful tool, friendly community and cozy atmoshpere.
P.S. Thunkable has iOS Platform too! (Beta version) :wink:


Overview: Different App Inventor Distributions and Versions

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Thanks a lot for your replies :ok_hand:.
Think I’m going to quit my gold subscribtio over at Appy builder, and stay here instead :blush:.

Kind regards


I drop my free thunkable due to huge file size, a too complicated (many rules) forum and not possible to download iOS ipa file (I need ipa to distribute)

On app inventor my app use 5MB, the same need 30MB instead on thunkable. I want try appbuilder too.

Hi, @Pleaseremovemyaccon! :wave:

Thanks for your feedback.

The best practise is to upload the app to the iOS App Store. If you distribute TestFlight link of your app, there are some cons -

  • It expires after 24 hours.
  • Every user would have to go through the whole process of trusting enterprise developer.
  • It’s less efficient, because it’s for testing.

So, testflight is only for testing team, and not for distribution…

Since Thunkable allows us to build cross-platform apps, it complies the app with all the needed libraries - whereas other only-android AI distributions take libraries from system, because they are only android builders. (Note - this info might not be accurate, let’s wait for a staff member’s response.)

AFAIK, AppyBuilder is going to merge with Kodular ( shortly.

Thanks! :blush: