Runtime Error Speech Recognizer

Sos, pls

Can you show a screen capture of your logic blocks?


Are you the same person?
If so, why the change in account?

What exactly is it that you were doing?
Is that an APK that you installed on your device, or something that you are running through the Thunkable Live app?
Because a few days ago, someone else brought up the same issue, and posted his aia file. When I loaded it up, exported the apk and installed the app, I had no problem running it.
So I am wondering if the problem may be outside of the app itself.

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I used both boot methods, but the problem remains the same

And how did you make the apk? Using the API 26 (App) or API 28 (App for Google Play) compiler?

same problem I use API 26

OK, who’s talking now?
First question was from “willis.willis06n6ck3”, then “molafgqmz”, and now “bendervi.pingp0”.

Same person, or different?

First reports a problem, second show his blocks (which may be non pertinent) and 3rd claims allegedly the same issue.
Can we see clear on this? Who I am talking to here?

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i don’t know about “willis.willis06n6ck3” “molafgqmz” but i’m another person with the same problemsmart_car.aia (315.5 KB)

Here is what I found.

Compiling with API 26 gives the error, while doing it with API 28 does not.
Clearly, the API 26 is calling some deprecated speech recognizer that only returns a single argument response.
I recompiled your app using the API 28, and it works OK.

Conclusion: do NOT use speech recognizer with API 26.

Second point: your api file had most of the buttons set with ‘visible=false’. I could have done without having to figure that out.


I had same speech recognizer error when I compiled with API26, but when i compiled with API28 I had another error.
It looks like this:
/tmp/1566932804090_0.2350139059098384-0/youngandroid-project/…/src/com/ghlijyantaron/Word_Clock/Screen1.yail:8:170:unbound location $result

Is your app very complex, with several dozen components and over 1000 logical blocks in a screen?
Then the compilation error in API28 would be a known issue for which we are hoping to get a fix.
There is nothing we can do for now but wait for thunkable to fix the size limitations of the API28 compiler.