Runtime error, I do not know what to do


When I was about to complete my application, it gave an error that says:

attempt invoke virtual method ´int java.lang. integer.intvalue()´on a null object reference.
End application

Please help me, because I do not know what to do.


Hi @Nelson_App,

can you show me screenshot of your blocks?


I have more than 2000 blocks.
The error sometimes appears and sometimes it does not.


what I could notice, is that in the web link, a padlock appeared and this was somehow corrupting the application when I downloaded it through google chrome.
I logged in with a new user and passed the aia file there.
I did the download again but noticed that it was not already giving the error and the padlock was not shown next to the link.
Does that tell you anything? Has anything like this ever happened to you?


Hi @Nelson_App, the green padlock means that you have a secure connection (https) and shouldn’t be causing this issue.

From the error message I would have guessed that this was coming from an extension. Are you using any extensions in your app?


The lock was red to tell the truth.
I am using the Taifunclipboard1 extension.
But I do not understand why it’s almost at the end of the application that you’re giving this error.


Maybe I’m using too many spreasheets and listview in my application.