Runtime error: Font not found



App Issue Font Not Found
Apk error other Device

Hi @Mahmood_Sammak,

Please help us first by providing a little bit more information about the problem you are having:


I think you using some material icons in an app but not uploaded the file related to it.

Upload this attached file. Not the whole zip, Just Unzip it and upload only “materialicons-regular.ttf” file. (59.1 KB)


the problem is , when i apply the application on other devices , i find this mistake or problem !! , i would like to help me pleas , thank you


Sorry. I’m not getting what you mean. Please explain briefly.


Hi. Are You using any extension?


Are you using sidebar extension?


you must take into account the following have in the assets roboto … ttf and material … ttf and sI in the properties panel there is a check box uncheck to build the apk

Some problems that i encountered



s am using


how was the problem solved arjun singh


Go to actionbar extentsion property and uncheck dovelopment box. Thats all
problem solved

Font not found /mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf
App error. Kindly help

Im having this problem now , and i unchecked and i still have the problem :confused:


thanks you so much