Roll Call/Attendance App



I’m building an app which requires Roll Call, that will be used in schools, to take attendance of students. I need to add this feature along with a feature to add more student or delete any student from the list. And all this info must be synced over cloud so that other app user could get this feed.
Firebase or any extension that could be used?


I would use firebase for this. If you need help setting that up I can send you some links and other posts that can help you with that.



I’m also working on a similar problem. May I have some references about it???



Hey ! what you are discussing is already created you can get more information by simply clicking above.But, the tutorial is not in English.However , let me clarify you that you cannot create attendance app with firebase because it is not possible to add more students as firebase stores data in single row.Even in the above tutorial they have used spreadsheet to store data.
You can create wonderful apps with spreadsheet & fusion tables if you have good knowledge about Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).So, please learn about rdbms before creating apps like this.


plz help me…


you might want to elaborate, see also


He wants the references from @lucatunes