RippleEffect Extension

Hola comparto esta extensión.

permite añadir un efecto Ripple a los componentes visibles lo he probado en botones

life.inventor.RippleEffect.aix (30,3 KB)


Good extension but just a question.
What happens if the button have a background image?
Iam sure that then your extension will crash.

puedes probar y nos cuentas como te fue

I can not test your extension current.
Thats why I asked you what happens if the button have a background image.

It’s simple, it works with everything… just set background resource to Android’s selectableItemBackground and components with image will work

That is not my question ben.

I am saying that he did that and so, components with images work

Have you testet it with his extension?
As i said I can not test it current bymyself.

Hello, Mika, yes I have tested that myself. Although, this extension is not an actual Material Design ripple, it’s more like “real” ripple effect.

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Okay thats cool.
Maybe I can test it tomorrow myself.
But current I can not do it.

Thanks for the extension. But there is already similar extension available here:
with advance capabilities:

son diferentes y se pueden utilizar simultáneamente, añade el efecto en inventor mit

I just tested, Ripple effect only works for default button and images. When background color for button has been changed ripple does not work! also need ability to provide bg color with-in the extension.

Hi its nice extension …Can you make something like this effect or include this effect with card extension??

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Same with it doesn’t work

is it possible to add ripple effect to an Vertical arrangement

You can have a custom background color, just the button shape must be set to default not rounder, oval, or rectangle.