Rewarded Video (AdMob)



I hope too.


This is 100% not true. We are devoting a lot of time and resources to Android with @tingc taking the lead.


Any idea if rewarded video ads will be available or not ?


currently not.


What’s the reason why my post got deleted with not even a mention of its deletion?


See the Community Guidelines:


Abuse? What’s the problem in mentioning other platforms like we did before many times? We mention and recommend Thunkable in all the other forums as well. I recommended the other platform because this one doesn’t have the component the user asked about, just like everybody does recommend checking Thunkable in the other forums when a user asks for a feature not available.


I don’t write the Community Guidelines, I just enforce them.


Well, you enforced it wrong, my friend. Just do a search and find out how many posts about Makeroid, MIT App Inventor, and AppyBuilder are there and nobody deleted them.


A lot have been deleted, the remaining ones were most likely posted before that rule was created. I removed your post as it promoted another platform which the rules say not to.

I suggest you express your concern about this rule with @amrita.


Ok, no problem. I will refrain from recommending Thunkable in the other forums as well, just to be fair with everybody then.


interesting change…
well, up to now we have been a big App Inventor family… now not anymore?
what about those people, who promote one of the other distributions starting with M in their signature?

yes, exactly
@amrita @moderators are you really sure, that we should not mention Thunkable anymore in the other forums?



I’m glad to announce that I’ll soon launch a AdMob Rewarded Video extension


How? :sweat_smile:

AdMob requires to edit AndroidManifest.xml to place the PublisherID there, and through extensions you can’t edit the AndroidManifest.xml
Only from the


I don’t agree to block the mention of other AI distributions in the forums, you know perfectly due to this post
I prefer to mention other AI distributions to enhance the power of all AppInventor community, but we got an explicit order to not mention them…


I think there is a confusion here: Thunkable community is made to support their product. When we talk about a product there are efforts that are being put into for businesses and all these runs with the user based audiences, The reason communities do not allow other-product-base-support in to their communities as it confuses their users and also impacts business in other-ways, but that looks silly and people do get emotional, but that’s the truth, however there are several communities out-there and they allow almost anything related to development regardless to platforms like: stackoverflow, quora etc.
Then why Thunkable? Because we get Thunkable product support instantly and actively. If the thunkable forums gets filled up with other posted and promoting other builders then there is no difference. So we have to follow community guidelines to ensure everything is right

Hope this clarifies!


Hi all-

The spirit of the rule is to say that we don’t want other products or forums using the Thunkable community for self promotion.

That being said, if there is a specific post or extension developed in another platform or community that will help Thunkable users with their apps, then it is fine to mention it and vice versa.

Generally, speaking the point is we want the Thunkable forum to be helpful to Thunkable users and not promotional for other products.

Hope that clarifies.



Okey, thanks for the clarification :+1:




Let’s build it!