[RESOLVED] All my projects are GONE!

Somentime ago, using another account, I had asked for help about a issue, but, I went to open Thunkable AND ALL MY PROJECTS HAVE DISAPPEARED! I am absolutely sure that I didn’t delete anything!

A Very important projects are missing, like my college research project.

I exempt myself from the responsibility of this fact, because I am absolutely sure, from the memory of my dead father, that I did not delete anything and did not perform any such operation.

I would like to know what guidance the developer community could give me to help me, please.


Hi @Lord_Damios Are you using thunkable X?

1 question: Are you sure you are loggin in with your correct email for sttarters. sometimes, after i refresh my browser Thunkable logs me in automatically with my regular google email, but my main account is using my school email.

does this sound like something you are suffering from?

He’s certainly suffering from something.

I logged in through Google results. My projects are back. I forgot to come back here and tell you why, I was working. Case solved.

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