Requesting a extension

Hey can any one make extension that can zoom in web viewer without these zoom buttons as shown in this gif below

As you guys see in chrome android browser we can zoom in that but there are no buttons for zoom

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Can you try this extension?

What is the version of your Android?


My android device version is mashmallow 6.0.0

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But how to use just zoom iption can you explain it here and is this extension have user agent option

I’m not 100% sure what you want, but do you know that you can disable them, while still being able to pinch to zoom?

I am talking about these buttons when zoom enabled these are shown and i don’t want to show them when zoom

did you try the Webview Tools Extension and its SetBuiltInZoomControls method by LukeGackle?

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Thanks at taifun i think this is what i want my browser is coming soon pro features

But isn’t that what the Zoom Display property does?

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No thats not


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actually i am talking about how to enable zoom without showing those buttons of zoom in and out

You can do that by just removing the ticking zoom display by doing that you can zoom without that buttons.