Request For Permissions Extension

how to add permisson in app

If you add a extension to the project, it comes with permissions.

I want extension like Allow Or Deny


It’s already enabled when you install your app! Why do this when it’s wasting another persons time?

If you want this design then simply use notifier to make this design but as @Nathan said its already granted when you installed the app

If you want more proof that all facts In this topic are true, @thunkable

this will be available, as soon we get an update to a higher API…
currently extensions use Android 5.1.1 = API Level 22
see also

@Taifun Sir , I have an issue.
Eg : A user installed my app and app asked for permission Storage Access and the User Denied it.

So , Is this possible via Activity Started to see whether all permissions needed for the app are granted to it ?

If Yes, Please tell me because i searched the community and i think it will help making the app more user friendly.

Edit : Activity Starter *

what is “Activity Started”?
as far as I know, this is currently not possible
a functionality to check, if a permision is granted first needs to be provided by App Inventor / Thunkable… alternatively an extension needs to be written…


Sorry Sir , I meant Activity Starter *

And I saw the Link you posted above
( )

and i read these codes (as shown in pic below ). If we know the Permission that need to be granted by the user (Eg : WRITE_CALENDAR in the pic below ).

So still there is no possible way to work it out in Thunkable?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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