[request] Ability to create an app that will catch an Intent send call from any other app

I’m looking for an extension or an addition to the Thunkable framework that would catch a “share to” event from the Android OS. I believe that this is done by creating an Intent Filter and telling the filter which media types your app can handle (text/plain, image, video, etc …) and then when the app starts, calls GetIntent(). In twitter or a news reading app, when I click on the “share to” option in the twitter or news app, my thunkable app would appear in the list of apps that are available to share to. Once I select my app, the app starts and the metadata from twitter or the news app is received by my thunkable app. Make sense?

Thunkable has the ability to “send to” and to call an activity, but it doesn’t have the ability to be one of the apps that data is sent to. I’m thinking that this would also close the loop as it were.