Report Building App

Hi All,

I am new to thunkable and was hoping to get some guidance on creating an app that will produce a PDF report from fields filled in on the app.

Any ideas would be welcome

Thanks John

What have you done so far?

I haven’t started building anything of the app as yet, I wanted just some guidance on how to start. I didn’t want to start anything without some idea on how to proceed. I know what and how I would like it to look, just don’t know where to start I am currently working a a test app to get used to the Software.

Any advice on where to start would be great, sorry complete newbie

I have done it on thunkable X - I believe it will be relatively the same on classic,

1 - Get values back from Firebase or equivalent database in JSON
2 - Convert JSON data to HTML
3 - Use an API to convert the HTML to PDF (eg.
4 - Use a mail API and trigger in the app to send an email with the download link from the PDF API ( eg.

Can you share a project link for this? For X, I mean