Replacing list view component with Colin Tree list view

How can I modify these blocks @ColinTree sir
To replace list view component with Colintree List view extension.
i want to make following block with colintree list viewCaptureesfed

Hello @Ram_Dass

@ColinTree has explained everything here :point_down:. Just have a look

i went trough this and learned many things but i cant find a component equivalent to (see image attached)

Hi there, are you looking for LastClickElement?

You can also found this here:

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Thanks for reply @ColinTree
Already tried this sir
i am getting error message (my content is in hindi language, which is working fine in normal list view)


Can you share your whole blocks image?

Please share your blocks, so that we can help. Thanks!

Here are the blocks…

Hi, I have made a form on screen 2 which contain different field such as name, surname, gender, marital status, DOB, father name, mother name, address,Image, contact number etc (total 15 fields) including registration number in airtable.
Problem: 1) I want to show all my data on screen 3 using coin tree list view with all this field display on screen 3 with image.
2) (10 form already saved) If new user fills the form it should get incremented to 11 and so on.

Please provide me the solution for it.