Renamibility of Screen1



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It’s not possible to rename Screen1.

Take a look through this topic for some tricks that may help you:


We have been thinking about other names for Screen1 since it’s not that exciting so let us know if you have ideas. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it’s not possible yet for us to allow users to name this Screen whatever name they choose.


What about HomeScreen?


You cannot change Screen1 name due to compilation reasons:

In AndroidManifest.xml (what is readen by your phone when launching an app), the launch activity is always Screen1 and cannot be changed, it has a fixed name.

As I’ve attach that image, you can see that all screens are in AndroidManifest.xml, but Screen 1 has the value <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/>, so it makes the first screen to show


You can rename Screen1, but if you do this you have to add a new Screen1

Name this one NewScreen1

To rename Screen1, just download the aia file and open it eg with 7zip…

Then navigate to folder src\appinventor\ai_YOURNAME\YOURPROJECT\

First, rename Screen1.bky and Screen1.scm to whatever you want (eg Homescreen)

Open the renamed files and replace everything inside which is named Screen1 with Homescreen.

Then rename NewScreen1 to Screen1 and do the same as above (rename inside NewScreen1 to Screen1).

Save it and upload the aia file under a new name.

In the new Screen1 you have to add 1 simple block. That if Screen1 initialise, open another Screen (Homeccreen).

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oh well, was worth asking at least!

Is there a possibility of having the thunkable environment allow renaming of screen1, and then while compiling set back the name, so it wouldn’t break the code?