Rename Package Name .aia


I had a problem on my .aia, since the last release of Thunkable, if we “save as” it gives the package name :

I made the error to “save as” and delete the project with the good package name.

So Playstore told me : Wrong Package Name

But I didn’t want to change the package name of my apk every time I want to update my app.
Like @Avram explain here : A complete guide to changing app package name / custom keystore signing

:white_check_mark: 5 Minutes Tutorial :arrow_right: Package Name will be changed For Ever !

Here what I did :
1- Download my .aia on my computer

2- Rename .aia to .zip

3- If you check folders you will see :
(With your UserName and your Appname)

Just rename your folders as you want your package name :
Split your packageName at “.” for each folders as :

It means that your package name is : appinventor.username.Appname

4- Open in the folder /youngandroidproject (I did it with Notepad++)
And change the first line with the good package name

5- Save it

6- Rename .zip to .aia

7- Upload legacy app project

And it’s done ! Your .aia as the good package Name.

It worked for me ! Hope it will work for you !

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@Domhnall I did it ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s the emoji for “face palm”? :joy:
I was missing step 4!! Thanks @clement_pignet!


After the last release of Thunkable, They fix this problem. Now if you save as your aia project and have deleted it, all you need to get the same old package name is to upload it as legacy.
To upload as project from my computer, it will be the new package name.
To upload as legacy, it will be the same old package name.
No need to change anything else.


Hi @Hayder_Ghazi

If I explain this, it’s because I had this problem!
Upload Legacy Project with a project that allready have a new package name can’t give another package name !

Upload Legacy project means keep the same package Name

See my problem :
If I upload Lagacy project with the last one, it keeps the same Package Name !


If the last one has the work Thunkable then uploading as legacy keeps the word thunkable.
It used to delete the word thunkable, but Thunkable team fix it.


And if not ? :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s why I explain how to dot it ! :wink:


Nice work buddy!


Sir Your Idea Is Great My Problem Solve

Thank You


Thank you so much It works for me.:blush::blush::heart_eyes:


how can i change the zip to aia


Right click and rename .zip to .aia


Are you sure you opened file extensions on your computer?




Remove all copys from project panel.