Removing screen with app name when the app starts


Hi all!

I am testing an app, and noted that when it starts it show something like this:

Is there a way to avoid that first screen?


Yes, just tap the “Title Visible” button.



Thank you! I have this button unchecked!

When I open the app, I see for 1 or 2 seconds the screen that I uploaded. Then, all works fine, but I want to remove the screen that appears for 1 or 2 seconds. Do you understand me?



Oh, as far as I now there’s no way to do that. That screen is shown while the app loads, the only thing you can really do about it is change the app’s name that will be shown as that title.


Ops… Yes, i can put something “Loading…”, but I don’t want to name my app “Loading…” :rofl:

I seen that the Thunkable app has the same start screen…


The first screen, which is also a default screen, is generally used as a splash screen or a branding screen.
Just in case if you want to know more about branding screen, then you can follow this :point_down: tutorial by @amrita

Also have look at this post by @arun


All suggestions with Thunkable will still produce title and black screen for 1s+

This was done for MIT AI2 but can easily be done even for Thunkable.



Thank you!

I has a splash screen in Screen1, but the screen that I uploaded in my first post show before it!

I read about something like “Apktool”, with helps to delete the first blank/grey screen and show Screen1 instead. Any ideas?



In fact, you don’t delete anything you apply Themes that in turn removes the title and black screen

There are two third party applications which I use.

  • AppToMarket
  • Apktool

AppToMarket has a simpler GUI but somewhat old and that all functions doesn’t work, tutorial on how to.

Apktool is constantly updated, however, things have to be done manually, a good tutorial by @Avram how to use apktool (you can ignore the part with package name change).



Hi Boban,

Thank you! But… I can’t found in that tutorial how to change the theme, and what theme I should to choose in order to removes the title and black screen…

In other hand: if we decompile/compile an APK… the result is the same?.. that can do the app inestable?




I thought that was obvious but apparently not and also there is a link just below which explains more closely Controlling Screens with Themes.

Never experienced it…




Opening the AndroidManifest.xml I don’t found anything like “theme”, but I located this line:

<application android:debuggable=“false” android:icon="@drawable/ya" android:label=“App Name” android:name=“”

I tried to add that to this line android:theme="@style/Theme.BaasTheme.NoTitleBar":

<application android:debuggable=“false” android:icon="@drawable/ya" android:theme="@style/Theme.BaasTheme.NoTitleBar" android:label=“App Name” android:name=“”>

But when tried to complile I get:

W: AndroidManifest.xml:16: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘theme’ with value ‘@style/Theme.BaasTheme.NoTitleBar’).

So, I tried this other option (from here):

<application android:debuggable=“false” android:icon="@drawable/ya" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar" android:label=“App Name” android:name=“”>

And I can compile the app and install it! But, when I try to open the app, it crashes!




Probably because you didn’t copy the necessary files.

Same here, you didn’t follow my instructions.