Regarding webviewer


I placed a webviewer in screen1. When a user clicks on a link in webviewer, i want to open that link in screen2 webviewer. How to do that, please help me


Are you shure that you need a second screen? Why not open the link in the same webviewer?


I am sure, Because in my webviewer, there is an option called “Load More Articles”. Once user clicks on any article, after reading the article, if he goes back, then the homepage is showing from top. It is not going to bottom of the page. Because of this, Every time user must go to bottom of page to load more articles and read article and loop


Ok! consider use 2 webviewers in the same screen and toggle visibility instead of 2 screens.


Please can you send screenshot of how to put that blocks


How to open link of webviewer1 in webviewer2


I’m sorry, I never used webviewer so I can’t help you. Maybe you can use some javascript as @Taifun shows here:


use one screen and 2 webviewer
see also tip 1 here