Referral Number save in specific User Id in firebase


Hello I need Blocks of this User Registration Form Having these inputs.

1: UserID = User-1

2: Username = John

3: Number = 111-111-1111

4: Refer Code = 111-111-1111

5: Referral = User-2 = 222-222-2222

6: Referred = 000-000-0000

Autosave UserID As User-1, User-2, User-3 When User Signup.
Number = Refer Code (111-111-1111 = 111-111-1111)

When User Click signup button.

  1. Check User-1 Number Already Register or Not.
  2. Check the Referred Number on firebase and store current register user as (sub tag= User-2 and value = 222-222-2222) referral Tag of Users Bucket.![1|398x285]


Thanks in advance
Best Regards
John Dear


What is the help you need? Do you have blocks already setup? Please provide.


Not I want block for this. thanks cain for reply.


this is the first part to check and add the user


If you have a textbox where user add Username and don’t want to save it in a variable, you can use the green block “textbox.text” as value to store
Check for some errors , i made it fast,I’m too busy now.
I will try the second part too, as soon as possible


Modify Number as you like, I don’t know where you have it


When User-1 share app?
then the number convert as refer code to new-user.
the refer code check in firebase as under taf number.

thanks Goldking.


It’s ok? It works?


Hello Glodking i am checking this.


Please recheck block its cant work.
and also sent full block details.

thanks for give me time from your busy time.

best regards
John Dear


Give me some detail, have you changed the variable Number? What is the wrong value?



Try this


If you want to check all the users always you have to change also the notifier componet on the left


Thanks Goldking i am try this method.


You’re welcome. If it works, check the post as solved so people know that there is a solution :+1:


I am working with this method. when i complete this method i will told here. thanks again for help me.