Recommended size of the icon for an app


What is the recommended size for the image used as a logo in the app?


48x48 for launcher icon
512x512 for Google Play Store icon

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Thank you, Conor. :relaxed:


I like Android Asset Studio, as it generates all the icons sizes for you:


For me, the icons have worked best at 128x128.


Icon size 512X512

when i install my app in google play store i find the icon of thunkable app in the place of my app?


When you say Google play store , do you mean the 512X512 icon on the store listing or are you referring to the icon property within your Thunkable app. This can be found on Screen1, and the recommended size is 128x128.


In your project under Screen1 on the right menu under Properties you will find the option to add your game icon. You will find it after Background image. Hope it helps you this late!