Real-Time Stream Feature

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I would love for Thunkable to incorporate real-time streams (HTTP chunked responses). This would add significant value to IoT projects that would require apps that monitor values sent to API’s without having the app sample once every fixed amount of time.

Also, the ability for apps to run in the background so real-time push notifications can work would be amazing!!!

Thanks for considering!

creo que esto puede ayudarte

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You can send real time notifications using the OneSignal notification system

Thanks for the replies! I would like to be able to read real-time data (like sensor values from ESP8266 or something) as they come in, instead of checking every 3s, for example. I don’t think MQTT helps because it still needs to refresh per the specified clock rate. Currently I can use HTTP just fine to retrieve the latest data, so it’s basically the same thing except MQTT vs HTTP. I also took a look at OneSignal and I’m not sure how to use it.

mqtt es la solución que requieres debes leer los links de los post que de envié y también funciona bien con websockets

Is there an easy way to automatically set up MQTT on multiple devices with device ID’s so that you can see the values based on device ID alone?

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