Read PDF files inside a TextBox

Read PDF files. It will be very productive if we can display PDF files, lets say in a ‘textBox’ directly without relying to any external add ons…

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Would a WebViewer work for you @Sefardi?

This requires that the PDF file be located anywhere else but in the resource. Am I correct? I would prefer the simplicity of accessing the PDF file from the Resource.

Yes, the three ways people achieve PDF viewing at the moment are:

  1. using WebViewer to launch an external viewer, such as Google Docs PDF viewer
  2. Using Taifun’s extension for local PDFs
  3. Using the Activity Starter to launch the users default PDF viewer.

Thanks for your indications.

  1. Its out of the questions because it requires the web, exposing the PDF file
  2. I have the Taifun’s extension which is very good, except it only works in Android 5.1 and sometimes not too effectively
    unless you use Android 6
  3. Activity starter does a good job except the PDF file is presented with a overlay-ed menu allowing the user to copy or
    email the PDF file. This is where I am at the present time… Thanks for your help

the minimum API Level for the pdf extension is 21 (Android 5).
what kind of issues do you have? can you elaborate?


Hi @domhnallohanlon

How would the webviewer work for something like this? I’m pretty sure I can’t open any online PDF from the Webviewer. am I wrong? Maybe my andorid 4.4.2 is too old?

yes, you are wrong
How to view a pdf document

Thank you @Taifun

I had already seen your extension and I’ll make sure to use it in the future.

My question was: Can I see a online pdf from the webviewer? I’ve seen a couple of posts around but in the end there’s never a real solution unfortunately. I was thinking to find a way to read a link on a button from a website and if the link end with .pdf the app would open the browser to follow that link. Not sure if it’s actually doable tho. Or even reading the link and if the link matches with a list of links created by me it start an activity that opens the related pdf from a TinyDB, giving the impression that the link was followed.

What do you think?

thank you in advance :smiley:

it does not look like you followed the link, did you?
How to view a pdf document
so what about using the webviewer solution?

Yup the link was followed, my point is that I’m trying to open a pdf from a button that is part of the website I’m watching in the webview, so it’s not me creating the button and I wouldn’t like to have a second button created by me just to allow the pdf to be seen…probably doesn’t make much sense, but thank you anyway for trying helping. I will use the view from device solution to launch the pdf when the webviewer reach a certain URL

Thank you very much!!!

Is there any way to stop the download options?

sorry, I don’t understand…
you might want to ask your question in a way, so others are able to understand what you are saying?
also a screenshot could help for better understanding…