Radio Buttons (user interface )


Dear Thunkable Team,

Please add: “Radio button” component. Sample attached below.

-In Quizzes, -In apps where choice is made between either only true or false, yes or no.

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There is already something VERY similar to this, it’s the checkbox component. i know the checkbox component is a little different in appearance but it is pretty much the same thing.

An alternative to this could be to have 2 pictures uploaded to your project, one unchecked and one checked. then add a button and then just make it change between those two pictures when clicked :slight_smile:


A checkbox and radio button are two different things. Had they been the same, I don’t see why we still have both and not just one. Checkboxes allow you to select multiple options while radio buttons permit a single selection. In addition, it isn’t necessary to have any option checked in a checkbox, but a group of radio buttons should at least have one active selection. Hope you get the difference.


You can achieve this by using Google’s material icons.

At the bottom of the page, you have icons for selected and unselected radio buttons. You can download the icon font and use it as a custom .ttf for your button.
@Domhnall has a great post here which uses the web font.(Not Google though, but same procedure applies)

Using some basic logic manipulation, you can create a group of such buttons and set it so that only one of them is currently active.

If you need a detailed tutorial, feel free to ask. I’d be glad to help.


I see, Thanks for letting me know @Helios.

This is easy to do with regular buttons, depending on how many of these radio buttons you want to make in your app :slight_smile:


This would be a great feature to have @Madan_Mathod, and hopefully it will be added in the future.

I really like @Helios’ suggestion, and I also created a simple switch (basically a radio button) in my stopwatch app, just like @Philip_Thomsen suggested! :grinning:


You can create a radio button picker using my extension:


I use this extension
The description is in spanish, because the creators speak spanish hehe


can you provide a aia of this project


how to download this aix??? please, help me.


Just register in the forum to get the aix ;D


How to Registation this site…? Language not english :cry::sleeping:



How to download this aix from this web site? Please, Help me.


First of all, you need to register by clicking here:

Next step is, tap on “Registro” (Register):

Fill out all text boxes, and accept terms & Cond.

After you filled all text boxes, click “Registrarme” , and wait for a link that will arrive to the email you entered.