Quick poll regarding extensions

(There exists a similar topic on the Makeroid forums, but I cannot link it here due to Thunkable’s community guidelines. I’m having to repost the same topic here.)

What, according to you, is the worst part about making extensions?

  • Setting up the platform
  • The requirement to know some Java
  • Distribution and legal maintenance
  • Lack of user friendliness in the development process

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I thought that Lack of user friendliness was going to be the winner :sweat_smile:

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I agree!!

Are you planning something? :smirk::thinking:

All I can say is, there is a huge change coming!


No more lousy set up files.

Change coming soon.
Stay tuned for more.

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@Helios can we make use of bock factory by the new change that you are bringing as mentioned in below quote:


If you want to create something new, then you can’t use blockly. With blockly you can only use existing blocks to create things, but the sad part is that some things require coding like extensions.

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Ok friend🙂

Say goodbye to green code on black screens.

Change coming soon.