Questions about using extension

hi Thunabls :slight_smile:
as i mentioned, i wanna know :

  1. if i use more than one extensions does that affect on the App’s final size?
  2. after i build an APK file and uploaded it to Google play Store does my app is linked to the
    extension’s owner by anyway?
  3. i saw many extensions didn’t work any more when i download it for some reason i don’t know why
    my question is: for any reason, can the extension won’t work properly one-day ?
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Hi @app_mai_roid,

The short answers are:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe


  1. an extension includes extra code, so just like adding an image or sound, adding this extra code will make your app slightly larger, but the actual amount varies from extension to extension.

  2. once you buy or download an extension you are free to use it however you like. I’m not aware of anyone who has tried to create a royalty agreement for their extensions.

  3. this is all part of the fun of software development, things are constantly updated and sometimes old code just won’t do what you originally wanted it to do any more. If you encounter any issues with a specific extension you can reach out to the developers here in the community. They’re all very firendly and happy to help their users.


helpful answers Domhnall
i liked the short answer’s way :joy: