Question about TaifunImage Extension

Hi Sir/Mam,

I wanted to ask you something about the image editor extension. It really makes my work easier. I wanted to ask if you could provide a url support to it. As in the images can be loaded from urls. For now, my issue is that I want to overlay image 2 which will be from the web. As a temporary solution, can you tell me if I could temporarily store the web image and use it as overlay. And I don’t really want to overaly, it should be more of opacity. The second image should have an opacity based on a slider value or any fixed value. This is demanding a lot, but if you could help me, you would be a legend.

Thanking you with anticipation. :slight_smile:

are you talking about the image extension or something else?

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Yes this extension. So basically what I am trying to say is, instead of having transparency effect on the image the user could set the transparency because one transparency value doesn’t suit all values.

you might want to check @Mika’s Image Editor Extension

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