QR Scan Front Camera Extension

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this extension allows you to use the qr scan with the front camera of the device




apk example

Price 15 USD


Andres Cotes


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Thanks your contubution :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, In what situation would it be good to use the front camera as a QR scanner?


a user requested it, for an app that takes the teachers register the idea that he has is that there is a tablet or phone that is in a fixed point and there are cards with qr code that allows registration. for now I just know that use seems like a good project

with an encryption of time and connection to google spreadsheet is useful in the time register and an easy implementation for the end user

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good idea, i test the apk,it open the front camera,but the scan cannot return the result?

I need this extension today. wrongly I purchase this Barcode Scanner - Front Camera extension but not working… How can I get this…

to scan from the front camera, you have to set the property UseFrontCamera to true, see also the example project and the screenshot provided here https://community.thunkable.com/t/barcode-scanner-front-camera/9568

also you need an external scanner app to do the scan, which scanner app do you use?
which device / Android version are you using for your tests?
what kind of barcode /qr code are you trying to scan? is the scanner app able to do it?


I want to purchase the 15USD extension. How to proceed?

I want the 15USD aix file…how to proceed?