QR Code Extension

Hello thunkers,
i have make some updates to my qr code extension.

You have now more options to create a custom qr code.



Designer properties:


You can find the extension too on my blog:

Download qr code extension (aix)
Download example (apk)
Download example (aia)

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Sometimes, color combinations fail to work and creates a generic black and white QR code. Why does this happen?

Now there is a new version available on my blog.

can you plz give me aia file

It’s in the first post. Please check it there.

How to save Qr Code to Gallery

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May be you can use the screenshot extension by taifun
You will find it at puravidapps

There is any way to save picture from image component

Have you tried setting the qr code as background image of the canvas and then saving the canvas image?

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You Have Any Idea how to decode qr code from image without using camera