PWTboxTool First Extension (updated)

Simple extended Function PasswordTextBox ,
-Set to only numbers

Download aix

Update aix
-event TextChange
-Set Maxlength


Hello. I love your PasswordTextBox Add-on extension.
When I use the NumbersOnly function the keyboard is different from the one that the normal TextBoxes (not password ones) use when their NumbersOnly default function is used.
Can you please modify your extension so it can also take normal TextBoxes to use them with Your numbers only keyboard? Your keyboard is better because it don’t have space, comma, dot and dash buttons.
Please if you see this message contact me.
Thank you, and again, great work.

Hello again.
Or what would be the same: allow in your extension the ability to use ShowText and NumbersOnly together. That way will be possible to transform the PasswordTextBox in a TextBox set to numbers only and using your keyboard.
Thank you.

Um Hello I think you spelt ‘length’ wrong

Firstly, it’s not a good practice to bump this topic to the top of the list just to point out a spelling mistake in a topic. You’ve probably realized that the last reply to this post was 11 months ago. Secondly, his spelling of ‘length’ is correct, so you’ve just
i) bumped this topic to the top
ii) pointed out a ‘wrong’ spelling
iii) and discovered that it is correct.

In a community like this where the meat is worth more than the bag, it’s quite useless pointing out spelling mistakes when people are more interested in the knowledge you can get from the posts, spelt correctly or not.
It’s great to see that you are reading lots of posts both new and old, though. Also, welcome to the Community! Take a look at these [Community Guidelines]. (Community Guidelines)


Moreover, the is related to the classic version of Thunkable which is not used anymore.