Protect the code of the app?


Hello, I have an app on google already uploaded. A friend told me that the app isn’t secure, that ‘‘the code of the app is open’’, and he managed to download it without paying on google…

Anyone knows about this?


You mean he didn’t payed for in app purchase in the app.

Jerin Jacob


I think that this means that you published the files for a paid app you made for free, likely via an AIA (App Inventor App) file.


are you talking about a paid app or are you using In App Purchase?
why don’t you ask your friend what exactly he did and what exactly he is talking about?




No, it’s not In App purchase. It’s a paid app in google. He said he downloaded it for free because ‘‘the code was open’’


'Cause he’s not a friend anymore, he was with me in this but choose to sell my app :smiley: it’s a paid app, not in app purchase


Humm, yes, I made my first app in App Inventor, downloaded the APK and uploaded to Google Play with a price.

Thought that was Ok? So, you are telling me that making apps in free platforms isn’t safe?


Well, you shouldn’t release the APK or AIA for a paid app. Did you release the APK and/or the AIA?


Release? No, only in Google, i didn’t publish my app in other sites… So there is a way to upload your app in Google without an apk/aia file?


No, there isn’t. I’m sorry.


Then I think I don’t know what you mean… I only know that I uploaded my app in Google, put a price, then my friend managed to download it


This might be a security flaw with Google Play. Also, when I say “release”, I mean publish or put online (like putting it on a forum). Does this solve your problem? Also, somebody might have bought your app and then distributed the APK for free.


yes, that was ok, this is as much as you can do
note: App Inventor apps up to now can’t be protected using App Licensing

PS: sorry, I do not offer hacking tips here…


No, this don’t solve it but I think, like Taifun said, this is hacking problems. I wish this don’t happen again to anyone. I didn’t publish my app online or anything, just google play.


This might be hacking. As I said, it’s probably a security issue with Google Play and it is most likely not your fault that this is happening. Also, I think I know of a way to get paid apps for free. Your friend might know it too.