Project Merger Tool: combine two Thunkable projects into one

The Project Merger Tool lets multiple users develop screens for an app in different projects and later merge the screens to produce a single project. This is useful for classroom projects, and to anyone developing an app with a partner.
Project Merger Tool is based on Kate Feeney of Mills College project AIMerger.


  • Make sure you have Java installed on your system.
  • Make sure you running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Solaris.

Please read ReadMeFirst.txt
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Happy Thunking!


I made a new tag “merger”, so if any of you used Project Merger Tool, please use this tag when showcasing your project. Also, @thunkable team, why don’t you guys add this to your docs.

There is appinventor’s project merger tool.
What is the difference between this and that?

Jerin Jacob

Currently, I am adding new features. Plus, it is Thunkable’s :smiley:

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But there is water mark as created by @ILoveThunkable. :wink:

Jerin Jacob

Yea, because I modified it. :smiley:

Nice tool. Any addition to the previous one?

Good Initiative @ILoveThunkable .

Currently, I am working on a few additions.

Thank you.

exelente @ILoveThunkable

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LOL, the only difference is the watermark and the "Created by ILoveThunkable"
thank you Kate Feeney, who did all the real work…

looking forward to this



What about this

I just tried

Jerin Jacob

First thing I gonna do is going to be redesigning a whole merger.

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nice work bruh

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Is it like appinventor’s project merger tool that only merge the designer screen, then there will be no special advantage.
If it blocks merge it. then will be very good

Blocks also are merged…

it seems to be, you were trying the old merger tool for App Inventor Classic
the merger tool for App Inventor 2 does also merge the blocks…
see again here
and this is also the version, @ILoveThunkable copied…


You actually said that 10 times…

Hello, does this tool work for thunkable x project? How do I “download” the project files? I need to merge 2 projects.