Progress Bar Problem.......?!?



Progress bar is not working properly.It is not going to the left to the last end(RIGHT) of the screen.It just stopped and invisible in the middle of the the road or some time near to the right end but not going to the last end of the right side of the phone display…
PROGRESS BAR ALSO NOT WORKING PROPERLY WITH THE extended web view extension…Loading gonna complete when progress bar on his way and sometime the positing is middle or near right of the screen but it should finish after reaching the right last position of the screen…so what to do???


Do you use the searchfunction of this forum?


I also try this…But it’s not working…It is responding very slowly and going to invisible after much time later of page i post it.


What webpage are you trying to display?


blog website…


your not the best with providing information :grinning:

Could you provide the url and all relevant blocks including the webviewer blocks.


Tutorial on youtube regarding it :

Video link :


Jaspreet Bumrah