Problems With Chart Maker Extension

When I ever I try to use the chart maker extension i always get a blank screen with no graph

What am I doing wrong?

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This detailed tutorial by @Sivagiri_Visakan should help:

I am also having problems with it


In the values parameter, the inner lists contain the data to be plotted.
The inner lists are such that the first item is the X-coordinate (horizontal coordinates). The following items should be the values for the items in labels parameter.

So since you have an list of two items in labels parameter, your inner lists in values parameter should contain only three items (X-coordinate,Value1,Value2)

Hope this helps…

Please post a screenshot of your blocks

Is it require internet connection

No, I think not
EDIT: Apparently I’m wrong, see @Sander0542’s post

Yes. It needs to contact to the Google Charts API.

Look at the source code

The origin of graphs do not start from zero. This is causing problems.
Any idea how I can Keep the origin fixed at 0?