Problem with uploading my new update APK to Google play "Your APK cannot be analyzed using aapt"


Hi Thunkers,
Please, would you help me with this problem. when I upload my updated APK to my app in Google play. it shows this message.
see attachment, please.


@Taifun @Domhnall @amrita @Conor @ColinTree


Please have more patience.




I’ve checked this post but I don’t use Tab extension. These are the extension I used in my app. I got this problem after I had added “VerticalScrollHandler” extension
See attachments, please.


ist this the Vertical Scroll Arrangement AddOn Extension by @Andres_Cotes?

  1. what happens, if you delete that extension, does your project build fine then?
  2. what happens, if you create an empty project, add that extension and build it? Does it build fine?



I deleted it but still the same problem.


I find out the problem. It is GmailUtils extension. I’ve deleted it and the app works.
Thanks Taifun for spending time to solve my problem.
Now, please who can I make the user contact with me through Gmail after I had deleted the GmailUltis extension.


ok, as I can see from your deleted post (why did you delete it?), you were talking about the Scroll Arrangement Handler Extension (V2) by ColinTree

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor



@Andres_Cotes might want to look into this issue…


I tried this block and it has the same problem with Google Play. I think the problem is about Gmail. What do you think?
See attachment, please.


probably an issue with the arabic characters in the subject?
you might want to adjust the subject… let us know, what you find out…


Still the same problem. I think it is about Gmail. you can test an app with gmail and you will see.


Now it works with Gmail, the problem is only about the extension.
Many many thanks Taifun


the extension of gmail is not enabled to be published in playstore if you need a copy that if you can do it please send an email to [email protected]