Problem with my app


Some users have this problem when they open my app. Please help.


Do you have access to your logs??


No. And this problem has just happened suddenly, the was working perfectly but I do not know what is wrong with it.
This problem is not with all users but some.


I’d recommend updating your app to save crash logs to see if you can find out the cause.

Without a set of steps to reproduce the error or an error code it’s impossible to be certain of the cause.

You can also search the community for “app crash” to see some of the most common causes of app crashes.


I deleted the big images but the app still doesn’t work on some devices. How can I find out the error?


This message on google play console. What does it mean?


Is this problem with my app or with the device?


Bit of both I suppose, usually you’ll run out of memory by having too many screens. Perhaps youre not closing each screen when open a new one?


Hello, what version of your Android?
Are you using AdMob?
What extensions have you added in your project?


you might want to follow tip 1 & 2



Thanks guys for replying.
Let me tell you what happen.

  1. My app has one screen.
  2. My app was working well.
    Please tell about this:
    Font size = 40
    Font type = Material font
    Text =thump_down
    Height = 8 percent
    Width = 15 percent

You know the material icon is small and I have to make the font size is big so the icon show up as big.
Do you think it is the problem? To set font size much bigger that the button size.


It mightn’t look great, but I wouldn’t have thought this would crash your app.

Why not create a test app, with just this component and properties, and see if it causes the same results?


I find out the problem. It is the icon image. I used it in very small buttons and its size 500×500 when I delete them it works well.
Thank you so much!