Problem with ListView

Hey guys please find any errors in my app. Kindly check for .aia file.

LearnHacking(1).aia (2.5 MB)

I guess this way no one will help you. Users are helping on a voluntary basis. But also my time for instance is limited. I will not look at your aia file.

Show the blocks you use, error message you get, extensions you use and the size of your assets.

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It will hardly take 3 minutes. I am getting unfortunately app_name is worked stopped error when I click on list view. Instead of making different screens for particular topic I made only one screen, in which all content is exists. If I click on index 1(in list view) app will redirect other screen in which Content is exists and it will make another content invisible. I know that you are not getting. So kindly check .aia file.

try this

Hi @Mohin

If this issue occurs when you click on listview item then that suggests there is an issue with you ListView event handlers.
Take a look here to learn more about working with this component:

Actually sir I am using extension for custom list view.(colintree list view)