Problem Taifun's screenshot

sorry for my angalis translate from google

my question is with the extension of Taifun’s screenshot when i take a screenshot on my app that uses api google map i have a black screen how to have the map on my screenshot.

thank you

i really need help am i in the right place for my help request here

thank you


You are in the correct place to get help.
But remember this is a community, help comes from other members who had similar problems with you and have the time to respond, not an employee.

BTW what is your native language?
Is “Up” translated as “Please I need help quickly” ??
I am flagging your two previous posts…

I’m pretty sure this is just to “bump” the post to the top of the latest topics, but I agree, @Miko_Piko please don’t write single word posts like this.

This is a much better sort of post to make.

Have you successfully managed to get the extension working on a screen that doesn’t have Google maps? Have you tried anything new in the past day?


"UP" is used to trace the thread of a conversation.
my mother tongue is French.

for my problem yes I made several tests on api google map static its function, api java map no and does not work on Thunkable google map ecrant noir?
thank you for taking the time to answer me

Can you share an .aia file so we can see if we can reproduce the error, or perhaps if it’s specific your your individual device/software combination.


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it is true that I used it only on my own device
thank you for your help
here is the fileIcI.aia (38.5 KB)
when i take a screenshot with the physical device button it works

Please !!!

hello nick
sorry I do not understand your explanation and the Google translation is very approximate but I thank you
would you like to have a new example
thank you
I try this but always black screen

Thank you for your help
but it does not work black screen
es like his

See this image from App Inventor Extensions: Take Screenshot | Pura Vida Apps.

After taking screen shot you can access image.

the recording of the image is done well but black screen instead of google map


i have found an alternative to bypass the limit of lextention of tfun screenshot
because after several research the extention does not function with the last version of API google maps voila I mark like subject resolut


I just found your thread by accident…
could you please explain, what exactly was the solution to your issue?

I went through a website that directly gave my position in real time on a map and I applied a zom on this web page so that we only see the map and your extention has done its work (capture the visible map and not black screen)

I do not know which website I had to use because I have tried a lot to find one or its function