Problem after Thunkable 6.0 update

Dear All,
since yesterday, when the latest version of Thunkable was updated to version 6, my application is no longer working and I’m having a lot of problems.
For example, the “Visible->false” function no longer works.
Did anyone have the same problem? I am no longer able to modify the application because the code does not respond as it should.


Some of us can’t even compile existing, unmodified code…

I just did a test on a very small experimental app, and have no problem changing the visibility of a component.

That said, where in your program is the “Visible = false” statement?

In my App I have severals Frames that I use instead of screens. In this way I can manager more variables. But for this reason I need to activate (visible) and disactivate theser frames.
In one screen I have 10 frames (Arrangements, vertical or orizontal) that I activate (visible:true) or disactivate (visible:false) depending what I need.

No, I mean in the screen capture of your logic blocks, you have two “visible=true” statements but no statement “visible=false”.

Are you saying that all those arrangements are initially invisible, can be made visible through the program, but can never to be made invisible after?

In your initial question, you stated that you cannot make “visible=false” yet the picture has an arrow “Doesn’t work” that points to a “visible=true” statement.

The picture was just a reference to show which command I’m referring to.

Hi there,
I may have figured out what the problem is but I couldn’t find a solution.
I tried to create a simple App that would show my website through “WebView”.
I also put two buttons to hide or show the page.
Through “ThunKable Live” you can see that the page is not shown correctly as in the following figure:

At this point I did the test using “Kodular Creator” and everything works perfectly as shown in the picture below:

Do you have any ideas? In my application there are many steps where it is necessary to use “WebView” so for me it is essential that it works! :frowning:

Below I also enclose the two “.aia” files that I used:
TestWeb_Kodular.aia (1.6 KB)
TestWeb_Thunkable.aia (1.6 KB)

Best regards

I suggest that you use a different background colour for EACH component and arrangement, so that you can tell which one is not hidden. A large blank space is not specific enough.

thanks for the answer.
Which “large blank space”?

The large space above the webviewer in the thunkable live test.

You claimed that “visible=false” was not working. I am wondering if this is not another element. If you colour code your components, then you would know what this is. Perhaps it is a different component altogether.
Testing/validating against a different environment (kodular) means nothing. When I transposed one of my app for testing (it was on Appybuilder, to be specific) the layout turned out completely different, with my full screen app occupying less than one quarter of the display.

There is just only the “WebView” and two buttons. No others elements.
You can see the file .aia attached.

So, what is this thing about “Frame” not being able to be made invisible then?

The problem is with WebView that doesn’t work properly

That is not what you were asking initially.

You set the webviewer height and width to “automatic”, which means you let the environment decide how large to make everything.
Your test on Kodular and Thnunkable end up not even using the same font size.

If you want to control how the page appears, it has to be set-up using an intermediate HTML file which should be the one loading the web page, and forcing margins, scroll behaviour, font size and what not.
That goes double if you intend the app to run on different devices, with different size screen, aspect ratio and resolution.

Another think, I haven’t this problem with a smartphone that have Android 5.1.1 and a tablet with Android 6.0 but it is present on my smartphone with Android 9.1.0.
I never had this problem before, what appened now?

Ok, I found a temporally solution.
Looks like that is a bug.

Check this post: